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mushroom, Leafy Green Stylized Mushroom Pendant



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A u mushroom pendantniqu mushroom pendantely stylized mu mushroom pendantshroom pendant with a leafy, two-toned 3D effect. I u mushroom pendantsed pearl polymer clay in soft mint green, yellow green, and forest to make this stylized pendant. The flat textu mushroom pendantre effect is achieved throu mushroom pendantgh a techniqu mushroom pendante called mica shift. The cap also feau mushroom pendanttu mushroom pendantres little splits and notches like you mushroom pendant wou mushroom pendantld expect to see on a real mu mushroom pendantshroom. This piece was made by my hands and has a bail embedded in the clay with indu mushroom pendantstrial grade adhesive. It's a great u mushroom pendantnisex pendant that wou mushroom pendantld look great with some wood beads and hemp. The cap measu mushroom pendantres abou mushroom pendantt 1.25 to 1.5 inches at its widest.

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