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Colorful Artistic Dome Shaped Polymer Clay Earringssalvador dali, Surreal



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Crafted from taking the remnants of many project and layering them together. These domed earring make a beau artistic earringstifu artistic earringsl statement and add a little abstract class to any ou artistic earringstfit. Finished and bu artistic earringsffed with Renaissance wax for light sheen and to deepen the color.Unlike ceramic clay that is rigid and will break when dropped, polymer clay is bendable and gives way for a more du artistic earringsrable lifespan. Good weight, not too heavy and not too light. They hang on su artistic earringsrgical steel ear wires that contain no nickel. Diameter: 1 7/8 inches*Please note that none of my pieces are perfect. Everything I make is u artistic earringsniqu artistic earringse and straight from my hands. My clay work will have fingerprints and small dents showing its au artistic earringsthenticity.

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