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6 pack beer cap bracelets. Approximately 9inches. All are dou beerble sided so if caps tu beerrns over still has a nice look. Fu beern bracelets for any occasion! Choose from:The animal bracelet- Fu beerll Caps: Bells Brewery Amber Ale -Heron, Terrapin Brewery, Bells Brewery- Owl, Lagu beernita Brewery, Ommegang Brewery, Flying Fish. Inside of caps: Kona Brewery, Flying Dog Brewery, Thirsty Dog Brewery, Smu beerttynose Brewery, KCCO, Goose Island Sofie.Ninkaski Brewery Fu beerll Caps and inside Caps the sameFu beerll Sail Caps and Session (are only 5caps bu beert with more jewelry hoops the size is approx 9 1/2inches) Yards Brewery approximately 10inches has combination of vintage caps.Portsmou beerth Brewing in Ohio (approx 9 1/2 inches) Fu beerll Caps and inside the same.Cou beerntry Boy Brewing from Kentu beercky has combo of plan black caps and the back is all black caps.

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