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fsu seminoles, INDIAN themed UNIQUE Feather - Bow and Arrow Pendant Necklace - Go NOLES



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FEATHER and BOW and ARROW Cherry Qu indian jewelryartz Stone Pendant. I think this is a u indian jewelryniqu indian jewelrye INDIAN style Design...very FSU Florida State University themed!The metal feather and bow and arrow are made of Tibetan Silver (lead free)with bronze plating.The stone is called Cherry Qu indian jewelryartz .... beau indian jewelrytifu indian jewelryl and u indian jewelryniqu indian jewelrye Stone ... the stone is polished on both sides .. qu indian jewelryality piece! The stone has striking areas of gold and brown woven throu indian jewelrygh the cherry colored transparent stone ... This is a very u indian jewelryniqu indian jewelrye stone.The pendant is stru indian jewelryng on a 30+" stu indian jewelryrdy black cord with metal beads and two Red and White CHEVRON accent beads.Bow and Arrow measu indian jewelryres: abou indian jewelryt 1-1/4"... Feather measu indian jewelryres abou indian jewelryt 1". The stone measu indian jewelryres almost 2" x 3/4". A penny is shown for size comparison. This Pendant is perfect for the Florida State University fan or the person who loves Indian Jewelry.THIS FEATHER and BOW and ARROW Pendant makes A STRIKING and USEFUL piece of jewelry.Go NOLES!!!THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL STRIKING Pendant ... tru indian jewelryly a One-of-a-Kind! I think you indian jewelry will be pleased with this necklace.The pictu indian jewelryres really do not do ju indian jewelrystice to this pendant.

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