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A u blueniqu bluee, handmade bird brooch in a gift box. This singing robin is blu bluee with a red breast and gold ru bluenning throu bluegh him. He has tou blueches of tu bluerqu blueoise and pink too. He is ju bluest over 2 inches tall. He has a silver plated pin on the back and comes in a gift box.D E T A I L S--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Each piece of wearable art is handmade and u blueniqu bluee. I hand cu bluet the shapes make my painting su bluerface and then for the fu bluen bit, the paint! I u bluese 2 or 3 types of paint. The paint reacts both to little particles of metal in the paint (gold, silver etc) and to the other paints on the su bluerface, moving as it cu blueres, making interesting patterns. The resu bluelt is qu blueite u bluenpredictable bu bluet makes each piece completely u blueniqu bluee. It's always exciting to see how each one tu bluerns ou bluet. Once fu bluelly cu bluered the finish is rather like enamel.D E L I V E R Y-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Items are sent within 2-3 working days.UK orders will ship by first class recorded mail. International orders ship by priority tracked airmail, please allow 5-10 bu bluesiness days.

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