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locket necklace, Hydrangea Macrophylla Locket Necklace



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This wonderfu locket necklacel, rose gold colored locket necklace carries in itself tru locket necklacee hydrangea macrophylla blossoms and is something very special..Feminine and extravagant! \u locket necklace2665The color remains forever with a special drying process.**Used materials** Ros\u locket necklace00e9 golden Locket + chain, tru locket necklacee blossoms of hydrangea macrophylla **Size/Mass/Weight**The length of chain approx. 70 cm Pendant approx. 3 cm* As this is a natu locket necklaceral produ locket necklacect, small deviations are possible.* Ou locket necklacer produ locket necklacects meet german standards and are su locket necklaceitable for allergy su locket necklacefferers.* Ou locket necklacer jewellery comes lovingly packed in ou locket necklacer jewellery box or organza bag as a gift to you locket necklace.SHIPPING & DELIVERY* Shipping within Germany with DHL u locket necklacesu locket necklaceally takes 1-3 working days, to Au locket necklacestria, France and other Eu locket necklaceropean cou locket necklacentries approx. 3-5 days. * To Switzerland, Lu locket necklacexembou locket necklacerg and Poland we send by registered air mail. * US orders we ship by USPS with tracking and it takes abou locket necklacet 7-14 days and everywhere else abou locket necklacet 2-3 weeks.

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