Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Chain SCHUTZENGEL & GRAVUR 925 silver rose gold plated925 silver, angel925 silver, disc925 silver, disc925 silver,heart925 silver, letter925 silver, initial rose gold925 silver, plate925 silver, taufschmuck925 silver, confirmation



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\u angel2665 gu angelardian angel with heart plaqu angele:\u angel2665 On a chain*made of 925 silver rose gold plated, an angel pendant (1.50 cm) dangles down.\u angel2665 the 925 silver rose gold-plated pendant (7 mm) is decorated, on which a heart or letter is stamped.\u angel2665 The necklace measu angelres 45 cm and is gold-plated from 925 silver rose\u angel2665 MATERIAL:\u angel2665925 silver rose gold platedPlaqu angele: Ju angelst u angelnder 7 mm\u angel27b3\u angel2764\u angelfe0f\u angel27b3 PACKAGING \u angel27b3\u angel2764\u angelfe0f\u angel27b3We ship ou angelr jewelry lovingly packed in a gift box.

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