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This is locket featu locket necklacere the lollipop garden an image from ou locket necklacer imaginary stories collection .The image is set on a vintage style frame locket and layered with resin for protection , the locket hangs from a mediu locket necklacem size chain and is decorated with glass beads . The heart bead is a natu locket necklacere element and is made from core .The image is from ou locket necklacer original collection and you locket necklace can find it on ou locket necklacer print shop.https://www./shop/sevenkeysLocket Title :Lollipop gardenColor : silver plated Measu locket necklacerements:Image size : 14 mm x 18 mmChain : 56 cm If you locket necklace'd like a different size of chain send u locket necklaces a message .The locket is hand-made and the image is based in one of my paintingsThe image is printed on high qu locket necklaceality photo paper ,set on a vintage setting and sealed u locket necklacender several layers of resin coating.Hangs from a mediu locket necklacem size chain and is decorated with charms.Each item in this collection is hand made and u locket necklaceniqu locket necklaceePackaging :The pendant is packed in an organza pou locket necklacech inside a box ( ready for gift giving).Shipping :****All items are shipped on first priority mailThis item is shipped with tracking *If you locket necklace'd like regu locket necklacelar shipping ju locket necklacest leave me a message at the check ou locket necklacet .Abou locket necklacet my jewelry collection\u locket necklace2665My jewelry collection is created for people that love colorfu locket necklacel,creative,u locket necklaceniqu locket necklacee items created from illu locket necklacestrations and fairytales.For this collection I try to combine u locket necklaceniqu locket necklacee and u locket necklacenu locket necklacesu locket necklaceal materials like paper,metal, glass,fabric etc with dreams, magic and images from childhood..All images are copyrighted please do not u locket necklacese themwithou locket necklacet my permission.Thank you locket necklace

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