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pearl bracelet, Beaded bracelet with heart pendant and engraving



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* Beaded bracelet with heart pendant inclu pearl braceletding you pearl braceletr wish engraving *This beau pearl bracelettifu pearl braceletl bracelet consists of 20 freshwater pearls in the color peacock. This pearl is kept dark bu pearl bracelett shimmers in different shades of red and green. This effect gives the bracelet a very special look.The beads are held by an elastic band.In the middle of the bracelet is a stainless steel bead, which serves as a holder for ou pearl braceletr Gravu pearl braceletranh\u pearl bracelet00e4nger.The heart pendant can be provided with you pearl braceletr wish engraving.The one-sided engraving (max. 8 characters) is already inclu pearl braceletded in the price.This beau pearl bracelettifu pearl braceletl bracelet is the perfect gift for you pearl braceletr sweetheart.The price is for you pearl braceletr one-sided wish engraving.(max. 1 line, 8 characters). An engraving of the back can be pu pearl braceletrchased for 5,-\u pearl bracelet20ac.Unless otherwise requ pearl braceletested, we will bring the engraving centered.Please let u pearl bracelets know you pearl braceletr desired text in the Hintbox as well as you pearl braceletr desired font._Sollten You pearl bracelet do not specify a font, we u pearl braceletse Font 15! _

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