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buddha pendant, 925 Sterling Silver Tibetan Ghau Turquoise Pendant Handmade in Nepal



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This pendant is handmade in Nepal by Newar artist. This is a lu turquoise pendantcky charm prayer box also called as " Ghau turquoise pendant" in Tibetan and Newari langu turquoise pendantage.You turquoise pendant can open it and a mantra can be placed in side the ghau turquoise pendant. The tu turquoise pendantrqu turquoise pendantoise stone u turquoise pendantsed is genu turquoise pendantine one. You turquoise pendant will get combined shipping discou turquoise pendantnt if you turquoise pendant bu turquoise pendanty mu turquoise pendantltiple produ turquoise pendantcts from ou turquoise pendantr site. If you turquoise pendant have any qu turquoise pendantestions, please feel free to contact u turquoise pendants.Thank you turquoise pendant

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