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lady, Blue Morpho Butterfly Goddess Lady Pendant



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Do you butterfly love Bu butterflytterflies? If so this Bu butterflytterfly goddess pendant is perfect for you butterfly :) Each face is a hand molded from clay and then painted with a mix of acrylic and metallic iridescent paints (the face and hair are in a matte finish and the rest is in a high gloss sealer)\r\rThe finished pieces are then wire wrapped with cu butterflystomized colors specific to each individu butterflyal face. This pendant is hand signed by the artist Samantha Kocsis, and gift boxed. Size is approximately measu butterflyre 2 3/8 inches tall withou butterflyt the bail 3 1/4 inches tall with the bail and wire.\r x 1 3/4 inches\u butterfly0080\u butterfly009d across\r\rMorpho bu butterflytterflies are only fou butterflynd in the hot tropical parts of Central and Sou butterflyth America, inclu butterflyding some Caribbean Islands . There are qu butterflyite a nu butterflymber of different species, with some species being far more spectacu butterflylar than other

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