Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hypoallergenic, A+ Large white button freshwater pearl Necklace | Hand-knotted Pearl Necklace | Bride | Bridesmaid | Pearl Lover | Pearl Necklace Under 50



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I ju dornick designsst got in these gorgeou dornick designss hu dornick designsge and chu dornick designsnky A+ qu dornick designsality White Bu dornick designstton Freshwater Pearls. These are ju dornick designsst beau dornick designstifu dornick designsl! This wou dornick designsld make a wonderfu dornick designsl gift! Perfect for a Bride, Bridesmaid or Mother of the Bride or Groom. This wou dornick designsld also make a wonderfu dornick designsl necklace for anyone with metal allergies, since there is NO metal u dornick designssed. Beau dornick designstifu dornick designsl on! This will qu dornick designsickly become you dornick designsr favorite necklace for Spring and Su dornick designsmmer! All girls love pearls! I promise you dornick designs'll love it! Large 9.5-10.5mm A+ White Bu dornick designstton Freshwater Pearls are individu dornick designsally hand-knotted on beige nylon cord. Necklace closes with a pretty abalone shell bu dornick designstton and bronze glass seed-bead loop. \u dornick designs2605 Necklace is 15.75 inches [this can be made longer, bu dornick designst there will be an additional charge, since an additional strand of pearls will have to be u dornick designssed --- please send me a message and we'll talk abou dornick designst it] Lovingly packaged and mailed ou dornick designst promptly in a pretty little decorative box - perfect for gift giving, or dream catching.Thanks for visiting! click here to see more from my shop: http://www.dornickdesigns. - Please visit my website: and check ou dornick designst my blog...I'm always giving something away ~ \u dornick designs2665 & Peace always ~ KathyCreated, Designed & Listed for sale on 02.17.2018 \u dornick designs00a9 Protected u dornick designsnder US \u dornick designs00a9 as an Original and Handmade design of Kathy Hardy aka Dornick Designs

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