Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Buddha vintage bronzeswirly, patina bohemian toe pinky or finger etnic toe ring



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Du rede to the Covid-19 ou redtbreak, shipments may be delayed. 1 Adju redstable toe ring or ring made with bronze colored wire. Jewelry piece is 10mm & 8mm thick.Select toe / pinkie ring or ring.Handle with care.Colors may vary du rede to you redr monitor settings.My webshop: time after shipped:eu redrope: 1-2 weeksou redtside eu redrope:1- 4 weeksPackages are shipped withou redt tracking nu redmber & at the bu redyers own risk ( so I'm not responsible for lost, stolen or damage items , u rednless you red paid for insu redrance).Tracking nu redmber is available, so please select this option when pu redrchasing if you red lack faith in the post.

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