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silver 925, Antique NATURAL BALTIC AMBER Vintage Necklace Bernstein



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ANTIQUE NATURAL BALTIC AMBER VINTAGE NECKLACEHEIRLOOM MUSEUM QUALITYVERY RARE OLD AND COLLECTABLE THE AMBER IS NATURAL - IT HAS NOT BEEN TREATED IN ANY WAYOnly Natu silver 925ral Genu silver 925ine Baltic Amber has u silver 925niqu silver 925e healing properties100% au silver 925thenticity gu silver 925aranteedONE OF A KINDA u silver 925niqu silver 925e piece of historyHallmarked: Silver 925Measu silver 925rementsPendant: 7 cm / 4.2 cmAmber stone thickness: 2.2 cmNecklace length: 42 cmWeight: 60.8 gr

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