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fossil jewelry, Ammolite Ring.Ammolite ladies ring.Ammolite tricolor.Sterling Silver.Rainbow ammolite.Genuine Imperial red sapphires.Fine gift.#111117



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Ammolite ring with the mu fossil jewelrych loved ammolite rainbow colou fossil jewelryrs with genu fossil jewelryine red sapphires.The ammolite:A lovely 12x10mm ammolite tricolou fossil jewelryr with good colou fossil jewelryr shifting abilities.Fossil jewelry at its best.The setting:An elegant design in sterling silver with offset shanks each holding a genu fossil jewelryine 3mm Imperial red sapphire from Songea Africa.The combination is breathtaking.Size 7This Ring: may be ordered in sizes 6,7 and 8 with a variety of side gems to su fossil jewelryit you fossil jewelryr individu fossil jewelryal taste--ju fossil jewelryst ask. Not likely any one in you fossil jewelryr circle will have anything like this or even be able to identify the gem--Ammolite is that rare---many have yet to see it!Ammolite in good qu fossil jewelryality is the rarest gem in the world.It is fou fossil jewelrynd only in one small area in Alberta CanadaOnly a small percentage is top gem qu fossil jewelryality.No other u fossil jewelrysefu fossil jewelryl deposits of this exist\u fossil jewelry2014so when su fossil jewelrypplies are exhau fossil jewelrysted there will be no more\u fossil jewelry2014which is why demand and prices are increasing.Ammolite gemstones are made from the fossilized shells of Ammonites that went extinct 80 million years ago in an inland sea that once covered this area in Sou fossil jewelryth Alberta Canada..Ammonites\u fossil jewelry2014the fossilized creatu fossil jewelryres from which Ammolite is made are fou fossil jewelrynd the world over\u fossil jewelry2014most are a du fossil jewelryll brown with a red sheen\u fossil jewelry2014no one knows why the ammonites in this small area of Alberta have su fossil jewelrych amazing bright colou fossil jewelryrs fou fossil jewelrynd nowhere else.Each ammolite is like a finger print. As u fossil jewelryniqu fossil jewelrye as its owner.Practitioners of the ancient practice of Feng Shu fossil jewelryi call it the \u fossil jewelry201cSeven Color Prosperity Stone\u fossil jewelry201d and the most important stone discovered in centu fossil jewelryries.They believe that health and prosperity are transferred from ammolite to its owner/wearer.The best ammolite jewelry contains bright mu fossil jewelrylticolou fossil jewelryr ammolites one color of which shou fossil jewelryld be the rarer blu fossil jewelrye. I have had the good fortu fossil jewelryne to have lived for years where top grade ammolite is mined and am able to select the very best stones right off the cu fossil jewelrytters tables before they fill orders to the general pu fossil jewelryblic.This is why the qu fossil jewelryality of gems offered in this shop is consistently among the best available anywhere.Ou fossil jewelryr top qu fossil jewelryality ammolites is why we have cu fossil jewelrystomers worldwide\u fossil jewelry2014many of them repeat bu fossil jewelryyers.For mu fossil jewelrych u fossil jewelrysefu fossil jewelryl info on ammolite please visit the site pages where this is presented.You fossil jewelryr ammolite will be shipped immediately in a cru fossil jewelrysh proof box, insu fossil jewelryred and tracked by Canada Xpress Post delivery.We charge less for US delivery than we are charged so we share the shipping pain!Free Shipping in Canada.

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