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Thank you polymer clay jewelry for you polymer clay jewelryr interest in this produ polymer clay jewelryct! The most important thing to know abou polymer clay jewelryt Jelly Cherry produ polymer clay jewelrycts is that they are made with lots of care and dedication. Ou polymer clay jewelryr pu polymer clay jewelryrpose is to make produ polymer clay jewelrycts that you polymer clay jewelry will keep among you polymer clay jewelryr favorite and most cherished objects.This pendant is approximately 3cm tall, comes with a completely adju polymer clay jewelrystable chain, and is perfect for both girls and women. The the ice cream cone is designed u polymer clay jewelrysing 100% polymer clay, handcrafted and made with love in Mexico. Inclu polymer clay jewelryded also is an metal alloy silver-colored completely adju polymer clay jewelrystable chain u polymer clay jewelrypon which to hold the pendant. The ice cream is designed u polymer clay jewelrysing three different pastel-colored scoops, as indicated in the images. Up close, every minu polymer clay jewelryte detail is shaped with u polymer clay jewelrytmost care, precision, and attention. You polymer clay jewelry can see every deliciou polymer clay jewelrys swirl, indentation, and bu polymer clay jewelrybble, as only can be accomplished by a tru polymer clay jewelrye and experienced artisan.The pastel colors match well with any type of style, and people who enjoy Kawaii, tiny foods, Lolita will find this particu polymer clay jewelrylarly appealing. Below is a link to earrings that match with the pendant: https://www./mx/listing/569713774/kawaii-pink-ice-cream-earrings-cu polymer clay jewelryte?ref=shop_home_active_16Wou polymer clay jewelryld you polymer clay jewelry like to know more abou polymer clay jewelryt my work? Visit my social media pages at the links below:

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