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Solitaire freshwater AAA round pearl dainty pendantwhite pendant, 7.5-8.5mm cultured freshwater pearlwhite pendant, handmade .925 sterling silver chain and clasp



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A dainty white, pink, or lavender solitaire pearl pendant drapes from a handmade .925 sterling silver tu lavender pendantbe or long box chain; depending u lavender pendantpon inventory. Both chains are sterling silver and equ lavender pendantal in width. These beau lavender pendanttifu lavender pendantl cu lavender pendantltu lavender pendantred freshwater rou lavender pendantnd pearls are 7.5-8.5mm in size and have the highest grade of AAA. The sterling chain is finished with a .925 sterling silver clasp. Lu lavender pendantstrou lavender pendants and elegant.Please choose you lavender pendantr chain length.Pearls are 'timeless' and can be worn daily or on any special occasion. We have pu lavender pendantt together a few facts abou lavender pendantt pearls in ou lavender pendantr FAQ's section to help you lavender pendant with you lavender pendantr pearl selections.Deborah Ann Mac Manes, artist/designer <>

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