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A rectangu artistic pendantlar pendant necklace of earth toned abstract art: This u artistic pendantnisex piece bears striking and fine details, the accidental resu artistic pendantlt of some experimental polymer clay work. Shades of red, u artistic pendantmber, ecru artistic pendant, black and orange are at play here, making it resemble a snippet from a painting. Add the contrast against some silky silver polymer clay, and you artistic pendant get this balanced mix of mostly neu artistic pendanttrals that cou artistic pendantld work for either man or woman.I added layers of glassy clear resin to the cu artistic pendantred 1.5 inch long polymer clay rectangle, and secu artistic pendantred a leaf shaped bail to the back with E6000. The pendant hangs on a thick dark brown leather cord, trimmed with tan wood beads. I chose copper plated brass for the lobster claw clasp and extender chain. The necklace is adju artistic pendantstable between 17.5 and 21 inches. I can make changes to this length range if you artistic pendant need it, ju artistic pendantst shoot me a message.

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