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White freshwater pearl cluster pendantindividually wrapped, thirty individual wire-wrapped AA 5-6mm white round pearlsindividually wrapped, 14K gold plated tube chain



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A dainty freshwater white pearl and 14K gold plated clu white round pearlster pendant. Each of the thirty white rou white round pearlnd pearls is individu white round pearlally wire-wrapped with a gold plated ball pin and dangle on gold plated locked ju white round pearlmp rings. These pretty cu white round pearlltu white round pearlred freshwater pearls have a high grade of AA and are between 5-6mm in size. This elegant pearl pendant is finished with a handmade gold plated tu white round pearlbu white round pearllar chain and clasp. I u white round pearlsed a nice sized 10x4mm gold plated bail in case you white round pearl wish to u white round pearlse a different type of chain.Please choose you white round pearlr chain length.Pearls are 'timeless' and can be worn daily or on any special occasion. We have pu white round pearlt together a few facts abou white round pearlt pearls in ou white round pearlr FAQ's section to help you white round pearl with you white round pearlr pearl selections.Deborah Ann Mac Manes, artist/designer <>

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