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This handmade rosary is made with the qu crystal rosaryality and brilliance of Swarovski Crystal elements. It is accented with White Pearlized Swarovski Crystals for the Lord's Prayer beads. Alexandrite violet is the birth month color for Ju crystal rosaryne, bu crystal rosaryt a beau crystal rosarytifu crystal rosaryl color for anyone! Ju crystal rosaryne is the color of tranqu crystal rosaryility, innocence, longevity, and health. It is the symbol of joy and good fortu crystal rosaryne. - Approx. 18" Long - Traditional Five Decade Rosary- Made with 6mm Bicone Swarovski Crystals*- Accented with White Pearlized Swarovski Crystals- Gold Finish Cru crystal rosarycifix & Center (Comes Standard with Mary)**- Inclu crystal rosarydes "How to Pray the Rosary" pamphlet, rosary pou crystal rosarych and birth month meaning for those who wish to have it.* Alexandrite colored crystals are beau crystal rosarytifu crystal rosaryl! The color changes depending on lighting. In natu crystal rosaryral su crystal rosarynlight, alexandrite beads appear pale blu crystal rosarye, while u crystal rosarynder incandescent lighting the beads appear a gentle violet. ** NOTE: Becau crystal rosaryse each rosary is u crystal rosaryniqu crystal rosaryely handmade, the centers and cru crystal rosarycifixes may vary. If you crystal rosary wou crystal rosaryld like a specific center, please select from the center options we offer.GIFT WRAP / OCCASION CARD: If you crystal rosary are giving this as a gift, have u crystal rosarys gift wrap it for you crystal rosary! Simply select the Occasion you crystal rosary are celebrating, and we'll wrap it and inclu crystal rosaryde the card for you crystal rosary to fill ou crystal rosaryt when you crystal rosary receive it. If you crystal rosary wou crystal rosaryld like to send it directly to you crystal rosaryr recipient, and wou crystal rosaryld like to send them a message with you crystal rosaryr gift, enter you crystal rosaryr message in "Notes" at Checkou crystal rosaryt.WE SHIP FAST!!HAPPY SHOPPING! We appreciate you crystal rosaryr bu crystal rosarysiness!! Please feel free to contact u crystal rosarys with any qu crystal rosaryestions!

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