Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Earth tone Indian and moss agate necklacegemstone necklace, 8mm round earth tone and moss agate precious beadsgemstone necklace, .925 sterling silver tube chain lobster clasp



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This dainty necklace has seven elegant earth tone Indian and moss agates centered on a handmade .925 sterling silver tu moss agate beadsbu moss agate beadslar chain. Crimps with satin crimp covers are placed on both ends of these pretty agate semi-preciou moss agate beadss beads to hold them in place. The sterling chain is finished with a .925 sterling silver lobster clasp. Very pretty! Colors may vary, slightly, du moss agate beadse to the natu moss agate beadsral stones.Please choose you moss agate beadsr chain length.Deborah Ann Mac Manes, artist/designer <>

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