Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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CABOCHON DESCRIPTION*You septarian will receive a 50 g lot from the qu septarianality cabs pictu septarianredGreat potential for jewellery making (ready to set), craft projects or ju septarianst to keep as a display collection.4-5 cabs per lot, depending on weight and size of individu septarianal cabsEach cab measu septarianres approx. 10 - 70 mm (length) Coins shown for scale only!The photograph shows size is 50 X 30 mm each and weight is Approx 52 gramsqu septarianare is 55X55 mm weight approx 35 gram If you septarian need more Sizes and Shapes and stones which are not listed please let u septarians know, we will make special listing for you septarian. If you septarian have any qu septarianestions,please contact u septarians throu septariangh etsy Message service*Please note, to keep ou septarianr prices great, we have u septariansed a stock photograph. We feel it represents the item you septarian will receive fairly. Remember we have a 100% money back gu septarianarantee if you septarian are not completely satisfied - see ou septarianr free retu septarianrns policy. If you septarian wou septarianld like an exact photograph of the produ septarianct you septarian will receive we can offer this at an additional \u septarian00a34.00/$5.00 - ju septarianst contact u septarians to arrange.

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