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Hematite Gemstone Silver Beaded Braceletrondelle, Steel Gray Non Magnetic Hematite with Sterling Silver Toggle Clasprondelle, Rondelle Beads



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Hematite gemstone beads and sterling silver make for a beau sterling silvertifu sterling silverl combination in this new bracelet. The hematite beads are rondelle shaped and are smooth and shiny. There are nu sterling silvermerou sterling silvers sterling silver beads in between the hematite and a sterling silver, oval toggle clasp secu sterling silverres the ends of this design.This gemstone piece of jewelry measu sterling silverres 7 1/2 inches end to end. It will git u sterling silverp to a size 7 inch wrist. It can be adju sterling silversted to fit you sterling silverr desired length. Please let u sterling silvers know at the time of pu sterling silverrchase and we will take care of it for you sterling silver.The focal bead is a fancy, oval beau sterling silverty of sterling silver encru sterling silversted with lots of rhinestones. This fashion bracelet is versatile and can be worn with all sorts of colors. Perfect addition to you sterling silverr jewelry box!Ou sterling silverr jewelry will arrive in pretty gift packaging to preserve you sterling silverr pu sterling silverrchase or give directly to the recipient. We can also ship you sterling silverr pu sterling silverrchase directly to the recipient with a gift card inclu sterling silverding you sterling silverr sentiments. There is no additional fee for this service. Shipped within 24 hou sterling silverrs of receipt of cleared payment.Thank you sterling silver for considering ou sterling silverr jewelry. Please be su sterling silverre to read ou sterling silverr shop policies prior to making you sterling silverr pu sterling silverrchase. If you sterling silver have any qu sterling silverestions, or wou sterling silverld like u sterling silvers to design something especially for you sterling silver, please contact u sterling silvers. We'd be happy to help.Ou sterling silverr other bracelets, in many different gemstones and styles can be viewed here.

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