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loose stone, 24.47CT Synthetic Spinel Green Oval Cut Loose GemStone



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24.47CT Synthetic Spinel Green Oval Cu synthetic stonet Loose GemStoneDescriptionColor: Very Light, Slightly Yellowish GreenCu synthetic stonet: Oval ShapeRI: 1.728Singly Refractive (SR)No PleochroismMagnification: Low Thermal Condu synthetic stonectivity. Large Table With Windowing Effect. Abrasion At Facet Ju synthetic stonenction, Strong Cross-Hatching in PolariscopeWeight: 24.47CTDimensions: 21.90mm x 15.97mm x 8.55mm Color Filter: InertAll of ou synthetic stoner stones were identified with a GIA Gradu synthetic stoneate Gemologist and are 100% Au synthetic stonethentic NOT SYNTHETICMONEY BACK GUARANTEEIf you synthetic stone have any qu synthetic stoneestions or concerns please feel free to message u synthetic stones at any point!Thank You synthetic stone!

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