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Manic Trou blue earringst will be closing after 15 years of bringing you blue earrings slightly askew jewelry. The stu blue earringsdio is closed as of Ju blue earringsly 31st and the remaining inventory will be available here u blue earringsntil gone. Thank you blue earrings for 15 wonderfu blue earringsl years!These su blue earringsnning blu blue earringse chalcedony dangle earrings, the Serea Everything I Need Earrings are the perfect tastefu blue earringsl sparkle to add to you blue earringsr wardrobe. Gold dangle earrings adorned with a hammered circle and a meticu blue earringslou blue earringssly set with gold plated sterling silver, blu blue earringse chalcedony teardrop stone. Finished with a gold plated ear wires, the resu blue earringslt is an elegant pair of earrings that look exqu blue earringsisite on their own or paired with the Serea Everything I Need Bracelet and Necklace.Serea Everything I Need EarringsDescription: Gold hammered circle and blu blue earringse chalcedony teardrop earringsLength: 1.25"Materials: blu blue earringse chalcedony teardrops set in gold finished sterling silver, gold plated steel hammered Os, gold plated ear wires and french wire stoppersOrigin: Hand made in the USA at the Manic Trou blue earringst stu blue earringsdio in Au blue earringsstin, TXInspired by: Everything I Need by MidocaThese earrings featu blue earringsre the gemstone blu blue earringse chalcedony which is a stone with a gentle energy that feels kind of dreamy. It is said to foster balance between mind, body and spirit. It is a stone of calm and peace that is repu blue earringsted to redu blue earringsce or negate hostility, anger, and irritation. Being hand made, you blue earrings can be assu blue earringsred that these earrings are not only well crafted bu blue earringst you blue earrings can feel amazing knowing that are making a difference in su blue earringspporting a small bu blue earringssiness.See the rest of my collection here: https://www./shop/manictrou blue earringst

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