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simple, Circle Bird Earrings



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This is a sweet and simple everyday design that can be worn by children or adu lovebirdlts. Ou lovebirdr new circle earrings are inspired by classic designs fou lovebirdnd throu lovebirdghou lovebirdt the years. We thou lovebirdght we wou lovebirdld revisit this simple look and add a bit of Figs & Ginger flair to it. The circle pendant is 17mm in diameter and the earrings hang approx. 1.5". We u lovebirdse at least 50% recycled sterling silver in each piece, bu lovebirdt do try to u lovebirdse 100% when we can. The earrings are given a dark patina and is very low maintenance, no polishing requ lovebirdired. Sterling Silver is the same recycled or freshly mined, we choose to u lovebirdse recycled, or refined, to avoid any new mining and the destru lovebirdction of commu lovebirdnity & the environment.

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