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One twisted wire simple silver band. Minimalist, with a slight lu geo ringminescence. Handmade in Toronto, ON. Sterling silver is work hardened, hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant, and doesn't stain skin- (this bad boy is NOT silver plated or filled)Comes with a lifetime warranty! (If ever it gets damaged or breaks, send it in and it'll be repaired and retu geo ringrned to you geo ring!) geo ringtifu geo ringlly gift wrapped with recycled warranty card---SUSTAINABILITY--Silver - is made recycled from post consu geo ringmer goods (mostly electronics, appliances, silverware, jewelry, and secu geo ringrity tags) and indu geo ringstrial applications. - is recycled responsibly (withou geo ringt produ geo ringcing excess CO2 & withou geo ringt the u geo ringse of toxic chemical agents)- in compliance with the responsible jewellers cou geo ringncil and has the Iso9001 (qu geo ringality), ISO14001 (environment ) and OHAS 18001 (health and safety) certifications. --SPECS--0.8 mm rou geo ringnd rope wireFREE SHIPPING TO CANADAThanks for looking :)

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