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natural gem stone, Natural gemstone Pink Strawberry Quartz Micro Faceted Beads Rondelle 2.5 To 3 MM size



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Item detailsShipping & PoliciesThese beads Pink Strawberry Qu nano beadsartz shows properties at its best,the color is u nano beadsniqu nano beadse these are available in three sizes.2 to 2.5 mm2.5 to 3 mm3 to 3.5 mm3.5 to 4.mmPrice is been varied accordinglyLength of strand-13 inchShape-faceted rondelleTreatment-none(100% natu nano beadsral)The Pink Strawberry Qu nano beadsartz are been competitively prices,we have a large stock.Contact u nano beadss for wholesale bu nano beadsying.Visit ou nano beadsr fu nano beadsll shop for more of these

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