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Manic Trou gemstone bracelett will be closing after 15 years of bringing you gemstone bracelet slightly askew jewelry. The stu gemstone braceletdio is closed as of Ju gemstone braceletly 31st and the remaining inventory will be available here u gemstone braceletntil gone. Thank you gemstone bracelet for 15 wonderfu gemstone braceletl years!This mu gemstone braceletlti strand bracelet is classic with a modern twist. Gold chain and gemstones alternate to create a beau gemstone bracelettifu gemstone braceletl silhou gemstone braceletette which adds the perfect amou gemstone braceletnt of sparkle. Slip this bracelet on and get ready to shine!Name: Hannah Stars In Motion BraceletDescription: Mu gemstone braceletlti Strand Gold Chain and Labradorite BraceletLength: 7.5"Materials: labradorite, gold plated chain, gold plated claspOrigin: Hand made in the USA at the Manic Trou gemstone bracelett stu gemstone braceletdio in Au gemstone braceletstin, TXInspired by: Stars In Motion by The LandingThis bracelet featu gemstone braceletres the gemstone Labradorite which is a power stone. Labradorite allows you gemstone bracelet to see throu gemstone braceletgh illu gemstone braceletsions and determine the actu gemstone braceletal form of you gemstone braceletr dreams and goals. It is excellent for strengthening intu gemstone braceletitions. See the rest of my collection here: https://www./shop/manictrou gemstone bracelett

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