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nature necklace, Bark Terrarium and Brass Necklace



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A variety of beau nature necklacetifu nature necklacel mosses and lichens and twigs su nature necklacespended in hand cast crystal clear eco resin. The pendant is a geometric faceted shape with raw brass tu nature necklacebe accents.Showcase you nature necklacer love and fascination with the natu nature necklaceral world with a stu nature necklacenning and original resin moss jewelry center piece. Makes a great gift for gardeners, bryology fanatics, natu nature necklacere jewelry, and science jewelry collectors.Fine-linked chain with toggle clasp measu nature necklacering 18 inches arou nature necklacend. The pendant is 1.5 inches high by 1 inches wide. It is one of my mediu nature necklacem sized pendants. Tru nature necklacely one-of-kind original piece of jewelry, the process is entirely made by hand inclu nature necklaceding the molds.

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