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sterling earrings, Post earrings in solid sterling silver with sage green freshwater pearl One of a kind by Cathleen McLain



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One of a kind post earrings in solid sterling silver The stones at the bottom are lu silver post earringstrou silver post earrings sage green peacock freshwater pearls . These are "made from scratch" from sterling silver sheet and wire, cu silver post earringt, torch-welded,hammered Lots of textu silver post earringre and very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The antiqu silver post earringed effect is a patina finish over the solid silver. They are sealed to protect the finish The ear posts are also solid sterling.If you silver post earring like the top part of these earrings bu silver post earringt wish me to change ou silver post earringt the stone for a different color or shape bead or pearl convo me and ask what I might have on hand at the momentThese will be shipped first class u silver post earringnless other arrangements are made.

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