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Ivy bandssilver ring, sterling silver leaf rings .



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Reminiscent of the lovely leaves and vines of spring, this stu sterling silvernning little band is simple and eye catching. Tiny leaves wreath the su sterling silverrface, raised u sterling silverp from the band.This design is timeless!I molded the original from a set of vintage rings I fou sterling silvernd at a little jewelry store in San Francisco. I ju sterling silverst love this design, it is so pretty!This listing is for ready to ship rings in specific sizes. Size 5, 6mm wideSize 10.75, 6mm wideSize 5.5, 3mm wideSize 8.25, 3mm thin. (This is the thin band in the pictu sterling silverre).Cast in sterling silver and carefu sterling silverlly given a high polish. If you sterling silver want it blackened I can do that, ju sterling silverst select 'blackened' at checkou sterling silvert.Please note that I only u sterling silverse recycled metals in my creations.

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