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* 8mm / 5/16" hand-stamped sterling silver disc pendant/charm/tag----> Please note the size - this pendant/charm/tag is TINY!The item in the photo is an example of the item you stamped'll receive. Other variations on this design are available throu stampedgh this listing, in the same section of the shop, or by requ stampedesting a cu stampedstom version. If you stamped're looking for a tiny charm/tag/pendant with a symbol stamp, check ou stampedt this listing!https://www./listing/459711882/symbol-sterling-silver-tiny-charmHand-stamping means variation: this is intentional, to wit: they are all different. I know it happens, and it's on pu stampedrpose! You stamped'll have a one-of-a-kind piece that was *not* made in a factory."I made it myself." Really. Every stamped piece of jewelry here is hand-stamped and patinaed by you stampedrs tru stampedly, with verve, determination, and salty langu stampedage. This is a no-frills operation, I'm a one-person shop. Want a variation on the item you stamped see here? Reach ou stampedt and ask me for a cu stampedstom piece! I'd be happy to work with you stamped. All sterling silver tiny disc pendants of this type are $10, even for cu stampedstom orders. Cu stampedstom orders, please allow 3-5 bu stampedsiness days before shipping-- I assu stampedre you stamped-- if I ru stampedsh too mu stampedch, *neither of u stampeds* will be happy with the resu stampedlts!Shipping for this item US Postal Service First Class or Priority Mail to North American locations only (at this time). Shipping materials may be recycled or reu stampedsed packaging; I encou stampedrage you stamped to reu stampedse or recycle the packaging when you stampedr item arrives to you stamped!

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