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mini terrarium, Moss Resin Ring | Size 6.5 US



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A tiny terrariu terrariumm for you terrariumr fingers inspired by natu terrariumre! Beau terrariumtifu terrariuml frilly dried mosses and lichens preserved in crystal clear eco-resin. It is an asymmetrical shape with a crystal inspired faceted top. The ring band is made with black pigment. The ring is one solid piece and is very resistant to breakage or damage.This ring is handmade from start to finish. The ring models are scu terrariumlpted by hand, the molds are handmade from the models, and the resin is hand pou terrariumred and cu terrariumred to it's hardened state. It is tru terrariumly a one of a kind Squ terrariumidlicks original.***Please Note: You terrarium will receive one ring. Becau terrariumse of the organic natu terrariumre of these rings, the ring you terrarium may receive will be similar to, bu terrariumt not exactly like as the ones pictu terrariumred. The ring will be in the same style.Size 6.5 US

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