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solitaire pendant, Colombian Natural Emerald Pendant Sandal 0.23 Ct Set in 18K Y Solid Gold Muzo Mines



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Beau emerald jewelrytifu emerald jewelryl....18K Gold Colombian Emerald Sandal Style Pendant1 Natu emerald jewelryral EmeraldSize ~ .20 Carat Color ~ Mediu emerald jewelrym-Green Clarity ~ Type 3Shape ~ Squ emerald jewelryare18K Solid Gold - The Pendant Weighs ~ 1.46 Grams Estimated Retail Replacement Valu emerald jewelrye $ 890.00Emeralds\u emerald jewelry2026one of the extraordinary and most beau emerald jewelrytifu emerald jewelryl gemstones fou emerald jewelrynd in natu emerald jewelryre!All Jewelry Pu emerald jewelryrchased is Inspected by a GIA Gemologist{We Can Offer You emerald jewelry A Lay-A-Way Plan. Please Inqu emerald jewelryire}PayPal has a program called "Bill me later". Up to 6 months interest FREE, and you emerald jewelry will receive the item immediately. Please contact PayPal for details.Feel free to Email any qu emerald jewelryestions you emerald jewelry may haveCharacteristics of EmeraldsGeologically speaking, Colombian emeralds are said to be the pu emerald jewelryrest emeralds in the world becau emerald jewelryse Colombian emerald deposits are the only ones on earth fou emerald jewelrynd in sedimentary host rock rather than in Igneou emerald jewelrys rock. The tectonic movements that created the Andes Mou emerald jewelryntains force the raw materials of emeralds\u emerald jewelry2014berylliu emerald jewelrym, chromiu emerald jewelrym, and vanadiu emerald jewelrym\u emerald jewelry2014fou emerald jewelrynd in the grou emerald jewelrynd into liqu emerald jewelryid and gaseou emerald jewelrys states. These materials, in su emerald jewelrych states, find their way into cracks in the already sedimentary mediu emerald jewelrym su emerald jewelryrrou emerald jewelrynding them and then eventu emerald jewelryally cool and crystallize. A saline solu emerald jewelrytion fou emerald jewelrynd in the sedimentary rock eventu emerald jewelryally washes ou emerald jewelryt impu emerald jewelryrities su emerald jewelrych as iron that clou emerald jewelryd other beryls from forming onto the crystallizing stone. This intricate process produ emerald jewelryces the emeralds fou emerald jewelrynd in the mines of Colombia.Fine emeralds are considered rare and are only fou emerald jewelrynd in the deepest mines of Colombia Shipping and HandlingShipping to: Worldwide ~ Free Shipping within the United StatesFree UPS Next Day Air with Insu emerald jewelryrance. Exception: We will ship USPS Register Mail Retu emerald jewelryrn Receipt Insu emerald jewelryred. We will ship to the address you emerald jewelry have registered with PayPal. To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend adding a work or an alternate address. We will provide tracking information as soon as the payment clears PayPal.International Bu emerald jewelryyers are responsible for Cu emerald jewelrystoms/Tariff FeesRetu emerald jewelryrn Policy Refu emerald jewelrynd will be giving as Money back ~ We will accept retu emerald jewelryrns with in 30 days providing they have not been altered, sized or damaged ~ Please insu emerald jewelryre for fu emerald jewelryll pu emerald jewelryrchase price ~ Bu emerald jewelryyer pays retu emerald jewelryrn shipping. we do not accept C.O.D. ~ Please make su emerald jewelryre to package items carefu emerald jewelrylly We Welcome you emerald jewelryr Qu emerald jewelryestions and Comments Thank You emerald jewelry! An edu emerald jewelrycated consu emerald jewelrymer is ou emerald jewelryr best Cu emerald jewelrystomer

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