Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leaf necklace, OOAK Handcrafted Glow in the Dark Swirl Clay Leaf Pendant with Moonstone on 17 Inch Long Medium Hemp Spiral Macrame Hippie Boho Necklace



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I crafted this neat 2 inch leaf pendant with shades of green, brown and glow in the dark polymer clay, a tiny Moonstone and a tiny bit of sterling silver. With the left over clay, I made matching beads for the necklace.This mediu leaf jewelrym test natu leaf jewelryral hemp macram\u leaf jewelry00e9 necklace is 17 inches long and featu leaf jewelryres a bead and loop closu leaf jewelryre. Ju leaf jewelryst thread the bead throu leaf jewelrygh the loop to wear secu leaf jewelryrely.The necklace, pendant inclu leaf jewelryded hangs rou leaf jewelryghly 19- 20 inches .Avoid sleeping, swimming or showering in you leaf jewelryr hemp jewelry to keep it as new as possible for as long as you leaf jewelry can!

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