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night, Lunesta inspired radioactive glow in the dark Butterfly Goddess Pendant



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Ok, who else has seen those commercials for Lu wiccannesta sleep medications with that hu wiccange freaking radioactive bu wiccantterfly (how anyone cou wiccanld sleep with that thing flying thou wiccangh their bedroom is beyond me!)? Well that commercial inspired me to do a glow in the dark bu wiccantterfly pendant. Expose this pendant to the light then go in a dark room or u wiccannder a black light (last pictu wiccanre shows in u wiccannder black light in a darkened room) for a glowing nighttime pendant.\r\rEach face is a hand molded from clay and then painted with a mix of acrylic and metallic paints (the face and hair are in a matte finish and the rest is in a high gloss sealer)\r\rThe finished pieces are then wire wrapped with cu wiccanstomized colors specific to each individu wiccanal face.\r\r This pendant is hand signed by the artist Samantha Kocsis, and gift boxed. Size is approximately measu wiccanre 2 3/8 inches tall withou wiccant the bail 3 1/4 inches tall with the bail and wire x 1 3/4 inches\u wiccan0080\u wiccan009d across. Chain shown in pictu wiccanre not inclu wiccanded.

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