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Sterling Silver Flat Patterned Banglepatterned, Stacking Bracelet.



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A classic sterling silver bangle with a twist - it has a delicate hand stamped pattern arou stackingnd the ou stackingtside.In the first image they are from left to right - Leaves, Swirls, Hearts, Stars.PLEASE NOTE - the price shown is for ONE bangle in the pattern of you stackingr choice. I do price breaks for mu stackingltiples, please see my other listings or get in tou stackingch if you stacking cannot see want you stacking want - I'll work it ou stackingt for you stacking :)This simple bangle is made by hand patterning sterling silver sheet with metal pu stackingnches, shaping arou stackingnd a mandrel and then soldering together. It is then gently work hardened and bu stackingffed to a high shine.These bangles look great worn alone, or stacked in a collection.They are made from sterling silver, and each measu stackingres 3mm wide by 1.2mm thick. You stacking can choose from fou stackingr sizes - small, mediu stackingm, large or extra large. Please see below for size details and instru stackingctions for calcu stackinglating what size you stacking need.To measu stackingre what size you stacking need, please follow these simple steps -1. Take a cloth tape measu stackingre or get hold of a piece of ribbon or strip of paper.2. Squ stackingeeze you stackingr fingers together, tu stackingcking you stackingr thu stackingmb u stackingnderneath them (as if you stacking were pu stackingtting on a bangle)3. Using the tape, ribbon or paper, measu stackingre you stackingr knu stackingckles arou stackingnd the widest part. This length is the diameter of the bangle you stacking need. Choose from the sizes below rou stackingnding u stackingp to the nearest size.Small - 20cm (62mm Diameter)Mediu stackingm - 21cm (65mm Diameter)Large - 22cm (68mm Diameter)Extra Large - 23cm (71mm Diameter) If you stacking already own a bangle and wish to u stackingse that size then measu stackingre the inner diameter of the bangle and refer to the measu stackingrements in brackets above.For sizes smaller or larger than this, please send me a convo and I can arrange to make something ju stackingst right for you stacking.

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