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navajo ring, Vintage Native American Navajo Old Pawn Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ring Signed



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This is a Native American Navajo Old Pawn Sterling Silver and Tu navajo sterling ringrqu navajo sterling ringoise Ring: This Native American antiqu navajo sterling ringe ring is an Old Pawn item. Native American Indians made, wore, and treasu navajo sterling ringred their jewelry for adornment, protector of good health, and portable wealth. With no bank nor cash, su navajo sterling ringch jewelry served as the family reserve or emergency fu navajo sterling ringnd. Du navajo sterling ringring a crisis, it was secu navajo sterling ringrity, cash from an au navajo sterling ringthorized trader (pawned). When crops were harvested, sheep shorn, or other better time arrived, it cou navajo sterling ringld be redeemed and retu navajo sterling ringrned to its place in the family. If the loan wasn't paid, the Pawn Shop or Trader was au navajo sterling ringthorized to sell the jewelry. When family elders die, the items are pawned and money is divided within the family. This Old Pawn size 5 1/2 ring is no tou navajo sterling ringrist trap item nor cheap import. It was part of someone's life. It is in good condition with normal age wear. It has the Makers Mark A or a Check Mark on the u navajo sterling ringnderside bu navajo sterling ringt not a Sterling Mark. These types of handmade rings did not all have the .925 mark and the Sterling mark and were handmade by Indian Artists and silver testing did not exist as of yet nor did the .925 mark or the Sterling Mark on some rings. It did test as Silver from a Silver test. It weighs 6.9 grams or 0.24 ou navajo sterling ringnces. I ship to the USA. No International shipping. I also insu navajo sterling ringre all of my packages to the USA to make su navajo sterling ringre that they arrive to you navajo sterling ring safely. Any qu navajo sterling ringestions, please ask before pu navajo sterling ringrchasing. Thanks for looking.

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