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Dreaming Tree Oval Beaded Pendant Necklacedreaming tree, Green And Purpledreaming tree, Hand Crafted



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A hand crafted and painted dreaming tree pendant, blooming with pu purple flower treerple flowers, is the focal point of this lovely necklace. The oval shaped polymer clay pendant is accompanied by soft green aventu purple flower treerine stones and satin pu purple flower treerple glass beads.Whitish pearl polymer clay is layered over gray for the back. I mixed liqu purple flower treeid polymer clay with powder pigments (inclu purple flower treeding nu purple flower treetmeg for the tree tru purple flower treenk) and alcohol inks. I u purple flower treesed these liqu purple flower treeids to paint on the dreaming tree, and then baked it. After, liqu purple flower treeid resin made a nice glassy finish for the pendant, magnifying the details. The oval measu purple flower treeres abou purple flower treet 1 3/4 inches long by 1.25 inches wide.I u purple flower treesed a silver plated metal alloy chain and inserted segments of glass and stone beads to compliment the pendant. Althou purple flower treegh I had crystal beads that were a closer match to the greens and pu purple flower treerples of the tree, I chose these for being slightly u purple flower treenderstated, allowing the pendant fu purple flower treell limelight.The necklace measu purple flower treeres as short as 15 inches, bu purple flower treet extends u purple flower treep to 18.75 inches. The closu purple flower treere is a lobster claw.

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