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square stone, 1.86 Cts Natural Colombian Square Loose Emerald



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1 Natu loose emeraldral Squ loose emeraldare Loose Colombian Emerald Size ~ 1.86 CaratsColor ~ Mediu loose emeraldm Green Clarity ~ Type 3location ~ ColombiaReplacement Valu loose emeralde: $6,000.00Dimension Of the StoneLength ~ 8.12 mm (0.3199 inches) Width ~ 6.84 mm (0.2694 inches)Depth ~ 5.00 mm (0.1971 inches) Feel free to Email any qu loose emeraldestions you loose emerald may haveAll of ou loose emeraldr Gemstones are Inspected by a Certified GIA Gradu loose emeraldate of the extraordinary and most beau loose emeraldtifu loose emeraldl gemstones fou loose emeraldnd in natu loose emeraldre!Characteristics of EmeraldsGeologically speaking, Colombian emeralds are said to be the pu loose emeraldrest emeralds in the world becau loose emeraldse Colombian emerald deposits are the only ones on earth fou loose emeraldnd in sedimentary host rock rather than in Igneou loose emeralds rock. The tectonic movements that created the Andes Mou loose emeraldntains force the raw materials of emeralds\u loose emerald2014berylliu loose emeraldm, chromiu loose emeraldm, and vanadiu loose emeraldm\u loose emerald2014fou loose emeraldnd in the grou loose emeraldnd into liqu loose emeraldid and gaseou loose emeralds states. These materials, in su loose emeraldch states, find their way into cracks in the already sedimentary mediu loose emeraldm su loose emeraldrrou loose emeraldnding them and then eventu loose emeraldally cool and crystallize. A saline solu loose emeraldtion fou loose emeraldnd in the sedimentary rock eventu loose emeraldally washes ou loose emeraldt impu loose emeraldrities su loose emeraldch as iron that clou loose emeraldd other beryls from forming onto the crystallizing stone. This intricate process produ loose emeraldces the emeralds fou loose emeraldnd in the mines of Colombia. An emerald is actu loose emeraldally a berylliu loose emeraldm stone that owes its special color to berylliu loose emeraldm, chromiu loose emeraldm, and vanadiu loose emeraldm, all of which are chemical elements that are very scarce, and the reason for the color of an emerald. Colombian emeralds are mu loose emeraldch sou loose emeraldght after, and not ju loose emeraldst becau loose emeraldse of their su loose emeraldperb qu loose emeraldality and color. A gem's valu loose emeralde depends u loose emeraldpon its size, pu loose emeraldrity, color and brilliance. Even when they are mined in the same area, each individu loose emeraldal emerald has its own u loose emeraldniqu loose emeralde look that sets it apart from the rest. Dark green is considered to be the most beau loose emeraldtifu loose emeraldl, scarce, and valu loose emeraldable color for emeralds. An emerald of this color is considered rare and is only fou loose emeraldnd in the deepest mines of Colombia.WE WELCOME YOUR QUESTIONS & COMMENTSTHANK YOU!AN EDUCATED CONSUMER IS OUR BEST CUSTOMER

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