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tabby cat jewelry, Tabby Cat Necklace Tabby Portrait Fairy Cat Cameo Pendant 40x30mm Gift for Cat Lovers Jewelry



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"Fairy Light" Cameo Necklace 40x30mm ~ Tabby Cat Necklace Tabby Portrait Fairy Cat Cameo PendantAbou cat jewelryt This Necklace : The pendants featu cat jewelryre antiqu cat jewelrye style silver plated settings with my fantasy cat images set u cat jewelrynder a clear cabochon. The cabochon measu cat jewelryres 30x40mm (abou cat jewelryt 2.75 inches tall & 2.5 inches wide with the setting) The necklaces are a 17" cord & sheer Organza ribbon, 1/4" wide with silver plated lobster claw clasp and 3" adju cat jewelrystable length extender chain. The cameo necklaces come packaged in a sheer Organza drawstring bag. Matching Jewelry available in my shop! See all Necklaces, Earrings, Rings & Bracelets here...http://www./shop/tigerpixie?section_id=5154876 Thank You cat jewelry for viewing my artwork. If you cat jewelry have any qu cat jewelryestions or requ cat jewelryests please contact me. I will be add new original paintings and prints & gift items all the time so please look for more artwork by me in the near fu cat jewelrytu cat jewelryre. - Carrie Hawks "Tigerpixie"Created in a Pet Friendly, Smoke Free home. All Images \u cat jewelry00a9 Copyright Carrie Hawks, Tigerpixie Art Stu cat jewelrydio. All rights reserved by artist.

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