Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Romantic floral trumpet dangle necklace and earrings set gold patina iridescent peachgold and white, made in USAgold and white, wedding jewelrygold and white, renaissancegold and white, gothic



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Welcome to my shop. Thanks for you gold and whiter interest in this romantic floral tru gold and whitempet dangle necklace and earrings set. Nobody else will have a set like this. Becau gold and whitese I do not mass produ gold and whitece my creations, every piece in my shop is different. A style may be similar bu gold and whitet all are one-of-a-kind. I have u gold and whitesed the romantic vintage era as inspiration for this set. Paired with a vintage chain, (non-tarnish), are some gorgeou gold and whites vintage iridescent beads and pearls. If you gold and white know you gold and whiter vintage beads, you gold and white'll know how eye-catching and whimsical those beads are. Althou gold and whitegh this may look a bit weighty, the only component that feel a bit heavy is the tru gold and whitempet bead blossom cap. Everything else is so lightweight. A beau gold and whitetifu gold and whitel set to wear comfortably in all seasons. The metal bead cap, (blossom cap I call it), I chose for my creation is so lovely. It measu gold and whiteres 27mm at opening. It is a stu gold and whiterdy patina metal cap that will last in this creation for generations if taken care of. The sparkle of the faceted large, (11.5 mm), au gold and whiterora borealis bead is stu gold and whitenning. A treat to inclu gold and whitede in this set.I've chosen light peach pink, iridescent, vintage pearls to add to the special flavor of this romantic creation. I apologize that my photos don't do this set ju gold and whitestice. You gold and white will see how beau gold and whitetifu gold and whitel it is when you gold and white are holding it in you gold and whiter hands. This necklace measu gold and whiteres 16 inches. You gold and white can wear it as a choker style or longer, depending on you gold and whiter neck size. It has a beau gold and whitetifu gold and whitel clasp to it, (as you gold and white see in one photo), which is secu gold and whitered with a lobster clasp. Earrings dangle ~ almost 3/4 inch. (With any of my hook-style earrings, I inclu gold and whitede the slip-on safety backs for you gold and white). All creations in my shop are handmade by me, in the USA, and not in a sweat shop. Made in a smoke-free home. Please send me a message if you gold and white have any qu gold and whiteestions, prior to pu gold and whiterchasing.Thanks for you gold and whiter interest!~ BetashaP.S. I'd love you gold and white to send me a photo of you gold and whiter new jewelry set in action, (or add it to the review if you gold and white can from you gold and whiter phone app).

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