Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gemstone, Lucky: Rough cut stone; Aventurine; Nugget bead; Lariat; Brown Leather Cord; natural stone; green; boho;



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This is su greench a beau greentifu greenl stone and a great su greenmmer necklace! The aventu greenrine is varied shades of green exhibiting many inclu greensions which makes this a very cool stone! The necklace measu greenres 19 inches and is designed to be worn as a lariat (thou greengh you green cou greenld wear it as a long, boho necklace as well)!Aventu greenrine Dimensions: 20x25x12mmGemstone Facts:Aventu greenrine gemstones can range from a light to dark green color. The green coloring agent of green Aventu greenrine is Fu greenschite, which is a chromiu greenm-rich variety of Mu greencovite. The Fu greenschite is u greensu greenally finely inclu greended within the Qu greenartz, sometimes very heavily. For this reason, Aventu greenrine is sometimes classified as a rock since it is technically a combination of two minerals However, most experts still treat Aventu greenrine as a variety of Qu greenartz, as the Fu greenschite is more likely an inclu greensions rather than a mineral combination.The shimmering or glistening effect exhibited on Aventu greenrine is known as "aventu greenrescence".You greenr new necklace will be shipped in a white gift box with black ribbon along with a pretty organza gift bag for storage and safekeeping!Thank you green for looking,Ahnna

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