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1950's Blue GLASS & Pearlflapper bracelet, STERLING Silver FILIGREE Bracelet



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A lovely Art Deco period bracelet featu sterling braceletring cobalt/tu sterling braceletrqu sterling braceletoise blu sterling bracelete glass stones with pearls set in sterling silver filigree metal. The delicate sterling silver filigree design has blu sterling bracelete stones that are set in little frames. This beau sterling bracelettifu sterling braceletl piece was made circa 1950 from "Wells, Inc." Marked "STERLING WELLS" on the back of the working box clasp which featu sterling braceletres a shield and star with a crescent moon.It measu sterling braceletres a little over 7.\u sterling bracelet201d The stones are abou sterling bracelett 4/16" x 5/16". Two of the blu sterling bracelete stones have a chipped corner. One pearl, near the clasp, is bigger than the others. In good condition. However, some of the pearl coating is coming off..Like this item and looking for more like it? Are you sterling bracelet a dealer and want to bu sterling bracelety in qu sterling braceletantity? Check ou sterling bracelett ou sterling braceletr new store on etsy for wholesale vintage pu sterling braceletrchasing:http://www./shop/tru sterling braceletevintagewholesale

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