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mini hoop necklace, Mini Embroidery Hoop Pendant Kit: Rectangle



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On SALE for $3, regu wood pendantlarly $6Take you wood pendantr love of stitchery and create you wood pendantr very own wearable art! These mini embroidery hoop pendants make the perfect showcase for you wood pendantr embroidery, cross stitch, beau wood pendanttifu wood pendantl fabric, paper and even photos! Each Kit inclu wood pendantdes:- 1 rectangle pendant measu wood pendantring 2" x nearly 1.5" ( two pieces: front and back)- One 80 cm necklace chain of you wood pendantr choice in either Antiqu wood pendante Bronze, Antiqu wood pendante Black or Silver. Please indicate. If no necklace finish is selected "Antiqu wood pendante Bronze" will be inclu wood pendantded.- 1 Matching ju wood pendantmp ring.- Tips on how to assemble.Not provided:- Fabric or finished stitchery. This is intended for you wood pendant to fill with you wood pendantr choice of embellishment.- Glu wood pendante. I recommend adhering fabric with hot glu wood pendante and paper with ru wood pendantbber cement. The two wood sections are best adhered with su wood pendantper glu wood pendante.- Ru wood pendantbber bands. I have fou wood pendantnd that after I glu wood pendante the two sections together that the plastic loom ru wood pendantbber bands hold them in place nicely while they dry u wood pendantnder the weight of a book.

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