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handmade earrings, Double Moon Diamond Earrings



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Perfect circles cascade down from handmade french ear wires. Diamonds connect the circles from closed loops. The Dou handmade earringsble Moon Diamond Earring has one diamond connecting two circles. The handmade earrings have a length of 2\u handmade earrings201d with one 10 point VS+ G/H rou handmade earringsnd brilliant diamond per earring. Handmade hardened wire earrings are available in 14k yellow or white gold. Shown in 14k yellow gold with two .10 carat rou handmade earringsnd brilliant diamonds with a total diamond weight of .20 carats. Diamonds are VVS in clarity, G-H color, with an excellent cu handmade earringst.Item is available in 14k white, yellow or rose goldEach piece we make is 100% handmade by u handmade earringss in the USA. We do not u handmade earringsse CAD programming for design or produ handmade earringsction of any of ou handmade earringsr jewelry.\u handmade earrings00a0All of the gold u handmade earringssed to create ou handmade earringsr designs is pou handmade earringsred, rolled and drawn by ou handmade earringsr hands.*An instant classic. The Aeon Collection is the little black dress of you handmade earringsr jewelry collection. Each piece is perfect for all occasions, day and night and will be su handmade earringsre to tu handmade earringsrn heads. The Aeon collection brings the simple elegance of gold wire and exqu handmade earringsisite accent diamonds to life with wisps and waves caressing the silhou handmade earringsette. The highest qu handmade earringsality diamonds are set and held in a single girdle bezel allowing optimal light to shine from all angles. The 14k gold wire which is available in both yellow and white hu handmade earringses is meticu handmade earringslou handmade earringssly hand drawn, formed and hardened to create one-of-a-kind, made-to-order pieces.

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