Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Personalized loating Locket Photo Charm- Mother's Giftbirthstone jewelry, Mother's Daybirthstone jewelry, Grandmother Giftbirthstone jewelry, Custom Locketbirthstone jewelry, for All Floating Lockets



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Here is the u personalize necklaceltimate way to keep you personalize necklacer story close to you personalize necklacer heart!This charm will fit all floating locket charm pendants.Brand new to the shop are ou personalize necklacer new floating locket pendants. Cu personalize necklacestomize with you personalize necklacer own pictu personalize necklacere charm!All we need is a photo for you personalize necklace to email and we can create a mini charm to go right into this locket.The listing is for 1 photo charm only. photo charm: 8mm squ personalize necklaceare ONLY availableOnce you personalize necklace pu personalize necklacerchase send u personalize necklaces a 'convo' with the image you personalize necklace wou personalize necklaceld like u personalize necklaces to u personalize necklacese. Remember the simpler the image the better.

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