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Faceted Purple Agate Vintage Gold Pearl Bracelet Earrings set Yoga malaagate, Birthday giftagate, Anniversaryagate, Swiss madeagate, Bohemianagate, Healing emotion



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Materials:10mm Faceted pu bohemianrple Agate, Vintage Gold Glass Pearl,Faceted pu bohemianrple glass pearl, Gold findings, Czech crystals, Strong Elastic cord, Gold plated earwires, Agate gemstone meaning and healing propertiesAgate enhances and attracts love. The agate can't change emotions, bu bohemiant helps to change ou bohemianr level of acceptance of the emotion. This is why the Agate is considered so powerfu bohemianl as it gives u bohemians the strength to carry on. Carry an agate when you bohemian have to make an important decision.Looking for other bracelets to mix and match? Please visit :https://www./shop/BeDazzlingMoi?section_id=14850315Looking for matching Earrings? Please visit my Earrings section:https://www./shop/BeDazzlingMoi?section_id=14875485Measu bohemianrements:Will fit wrist size 6.5 in to 7.5 inIf you bohemian need another size I can cu bohemianstom-make my elastic bracelets to fit you bohemianr wrist so that you bohemian can have a perfect and comfortable fit. Please contact me for cu bohemianstom order :-)Packaging:Each piece comes with an organza bag with a satin drawstring closu bohemianre.\u bohemian2665\u bohemian2665\u bohemian2665 \u bohemian2665\u bohemian2665\u bohemian2665 Thank you bohemian for looking and visiting my Etsy page! And feel free to contact me with any qu bohemianestions or cu bohemianstom requ bohemianests. \u bohemian2665\u bohemian2665\u bohemian2665 \u bohemian2665\u bohemian2665\u bohemian2665

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