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forged, Meditation Cuff Bracelet-Yoga-Zen-Minimalist



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Embossed cu mediationff bracelet in sterling silver. I hand cu mediationt an original design template in a very calming design for this lovely bracelet. It makes me feel peacefu mediationl to look at the ju mediationxtaposition of the line and pattern in this cu mediationff bracelet, of water moving down a brook. After cu mediationtting the silver to size, I rolled my template design along with the silver throu mediationgh a mill embossing the design onto the silver. Afterwards, I added a patina to tone down the shine and then I polished the entire bracelet. The bracelet is designed for a larger sized wrist bu mediationt cou mediationld be sized down at no additional cost.\r\r-Sterling Silver Cu mediationff Bracelet \r-Calming, meditative design\r-Size Large may be modified for smaller wrists\r\rRetu mediationrn to the shop:\rhttps://www./shop/WithTheseHandsCreate

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